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Palm Beach Jet Charter offers empty legs in West Palm Beach, FL. For more information on rates and availability, or to book a flight, please contact us at (888) 987-5387.

deals on empty legs in west palm beach

Chartering an empty leg to/from Palm Beach is the best way to enjoy private jet travel in South Florida at a fraction of the cost! Enjoy 24 hours aviation services, instant access to thousands of planes, and the best deals on private flights in South Florida.

What are they, and how are they made?

Whenever a plane is scheduled to fly without any passengers on board, the flight is referred to as an ’empty leg’. Also known as deadhead legs, these flights are created whenever a plane needs to re-position for it’s next flight.

This can happen when an aircraft owner wants to use their plane and it needs to pick them up, or if a one-way flight needs to return to its home airport, or another airport to pick up its next passenger(s).

Unless you find point-to-point one-way pricing, one way flights often include the cost of the return leg in the price. Since the leg is already paid for, operators market the flight at a substantial discount. Executive and luxury travelers can charter an empty leg and reduce the cost of their charter flight by 20, 30, even 50 percent (or more)!

Find an Empty Leg in Palm Beach, FL

As private flights are scheduled around the country on an hourly basis, empty leg specials come and go rather quickly. These highly coveted deals are frequently searched not only by leisure travelers, but also charter brokers and travel agents looking for the best deals for their clients.

How do you book a time-sensitive empty leg deal before it’s too late? Request an empty leg flight from Palm Beach Jet Charter! Our company can view every charter plane available, comparing all of the empty planes and transient jets across the country to offer you the best deal every time you fly.

The more flexible you are with your trip, the better your chances of finding a plane to match your routing. If you’re locked into specific dates & times, you may miss out on deals for the day before or after. Provide us with your details, including your preferred dates, times, and airports, and we’ll connect you with the best empty leg deals in Palm Beach, FL

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Located in South Florida, we offer around the clock air charter services around the world. Getting a quote is free, so don’t your chance to save hundreds if not thousands on the cost of private charter flights! Call or email us for more details on empty legs to/from West Palm Beach, FL!