Luxury Events of 2015

Palm Beach County in Florida is not only made up of multiple cities, but also people with many interests and talents. Since Florida isn’t known to have more than two seasons, there aren’t many weather restrictions, and that makes the fall a great time to hold events. Palm Beach Jet Charter can help book you a flight down and catch the remaining events of this year.

September 2015

Flavor Palm Beach

(September 1st – 30th, 2015)

For all you people in Palm Beach, it’s time to get your taste buds talking. Here’s your chance to taste the local cuisine of Palm Beach County, from Jupiter to Boca Raton. We know you’ve heard some of the deals last year, and this year they’re back. Three-course lunches for just $20, or dinner for $10 more. Best of all, you’ll get a chance to taste some of the food at restaurants you’ve dreamed about, and now, for a much more wallet-friendly price.

World Series of Poker

(September 17th – 28th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

For just under two-weeks, watch hundreds of people bleed chips as they all compete and bet at the National Championship in the World Series of Poker. It’s going down at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, where you can find the largest poker room in Florida. The buy in starts at $365, and there’s talk of contestants having multiple chances to leave with a couple more bills than they started with. Can you keep a straight face?

Brew 2 at the Zoo

(September 26th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

If you like animals and you like to drink, then why not join everyone at Brew 2 at the Zoo? Over 20 Florida craft breweries are said to be at this event, offering tasty samples of their beers. There will also be plenty of food, and it’s always good to build a grease layer before you fill that dixie cup. Along with the live music, the best part about this party is that it’s all around the zoo. You won’t be stuck in one place all night, and you might see a couple of animals strolling by.

Classic Car Cruise-in

(September 26th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Like old school and antique motors? The classic car cruise-in is happening this September, with some of the best and most exotic cars. It’s a nice way to spend a little time with the family, especially if you were around when some of these cars can spark a little nostalgia. It’ll be a couple hours of fun and something new to try, unless you’re an enthusiast, because we already know you’ll be there. This event is held at the Caribbean Choice Bakery in Coco Plum Plaza.


(September 26th & 27th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Calling all comic book fans! Palm Beache’s largest Comic/Pop Culture event is returning very soon. Tickets have already gone on pre-sale, and hotels are filling up. There will be the usual stuff – cosplay events, exhibitors and merchandise, special guests, and of course, panels. It’s shaping up to be quite the event, so if you’re a fan of comics, or want to make your own, you should really look into it.

October 2015

West Palm Beach Antique and Collectibles Show

(Various dates October – December, starting October 2nd – 4th, 2015)

For enthusiasts of vintage items and antiques, this show might be a fun event for you. Every show, the dealers come back with trinkets and artworks that the crowd simply loves. There’s watches, model cars, cutlery, appliances, and more! Nothing beats that classic feeling old items get.

Pink Stryde's Dine and Dash Charity Event

(October 1st, 2015; West Palm Beach)

It’s time for a little fun while helping raise money for a good cause. The cause is the support of breast cancer patients, and the fun is going to BJ’s for a delicious way to raise money. The event is family friendly, and if you bring a flyer, you’ll get 15% off of food and beverage sales. If you’re a fan or follower of Pink Stryde, keep your head up, because two days later they’re holding their 4th annual fashion show at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Annual Palm Beach Boat Show and Sale

(October 2nd – 4th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

For three days in October, South Florida Boat Show will be presenting its annual event. It’s a great chance for exhibitors and buyers to do a little networking and learn about the best boat for them. Some buy a boat to fish, some for leisure, some to travel. Well at this boat show, if you find something you like, you can buy it right there. There will be over 40 lines to choose from though, so be prepared to walk around a bit.


(October 9th – 11th; 16th – 18th, 2015; Lake Worth)

Now this is a little different compared to the normal Oktoberfest that goes on in September. It used to be called “Oktoberfest” because it was, you guessed it, an October event. However, the celebrations happened later and later, so people started to celebrate in September. Seems they keep the tradition alive here, and not just the date; it’s a chance to also try traditional German food and hear some of their music. If you miss the first event, have no fear. They celebrate for two weekends in October.

Fright Nights

(October 9th – 31st, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Every year, the Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach enter the scary zone, and transform into Fright Nights. Packed with four haunted houses, three zones for scaring, live music, entertainment, costume parties and contests, you’re sure to have a lot of fun and a good scare if you attend any day of the event. Remember to wear a costume – the monsters can’t scare you if they can’t see you.

Florida Gun & Knife Show

(October 10th – 11th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

“Never bring a gun to a knife fight,” they say. Well, this isn’t the place to duel, it’s the place to get together with other gun and knife enthusiasts. You can buy, sell, and trade an assortment of firearms, ammunition, literature, knives, and more. There will also be a concealed weapons course held two times each day of the event. Be sure to stop by and look around; sometimes you can find some interesting stuff, like a katana.


(October 17th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Do you love your shoes? Are you one of those people that need a variety of shoes so you can match them with any and every outfit? This isn’t just for the ladies, we’ve seen gentleman do this too. Well, welcome to Solefest, the Sneaker Convention. It’s the largest convention where people come to buy, sell, and trade sneakers and sneaker-related merchandise.

Car Show Bloc Party

(October 17th, 2015; Lake Worth)

Hosted by the La Belle Lounge in Lake Worth, this car show is another chance to enjoy some family time and see some exotic cars. There will be live music entertainment provided by DJ Groove this time, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to bust a move. Those that register only have to pay a small flat fee, and get a chance to win one of several trophies. Plus, the first 50 cars to show up get a dash plaque. If you’re looking for a little fun on a Saturday, maybe this will get your engine going.

Buckler's Craft Fair

(October 17th – 18th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

For over 25 years, Buckler Promotions have been hosting craft fairs across the country. It’s a nice way to spend some time seeing what the average person can make that you can’t find mass-produced in stores. Even better when you find a gem of an artist who makes one-of-a-kind works. Every year, there are nationwide award winning crafters who also join the show. The admission counts for two days, and you get $2 off if you bring a canned good for the local food drive.

West Palm Beach Fall Home Show

(October 23rd – 25th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

The Home show is about inspiring others to finally take the steps needed to renovate and/or improve their home. Every year, many home improvement professionals attend the show to give advice and interact with people looking to make their home a better, more enjoyable place of stay. Come to the show and be inspired with new ideas you may not have thought of before. There are many possibilities for any renovation project, and if this show can help, it’s encouraged to attend or stop by.

Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Fest and Mermaid Splash

(October 24th – 25th, 2015)

Fun for the family, Boynton Beach is hosting a two day themed-party for pirates young and old. There will be groups of street performers, pirate re-enactments, and special guest Captain Jack! If you’re more of a mermaid fan, there will be a parade for walking mermaids; dressing up for the part is encouraged. Plus, if you’re creative and want to show off a little, there will be contests for best costume. There will also be plenty more activities to enjoy this weekend.


(October 24th – 26th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Known as a successful and well-established fashion show, Trendz brings you the latest in apparel and accessories from retailers in the Southeast and the Caribbean. Mostly in mind for the resort and travel customer, if you’re looking for trendy clothing for casual or formal events, or even if you’re going to be traveling a bit, there’s a few things here that might catch your eye, and help you catch someone else’s. This is the largest women’s apparel show in all of Florida, so if you’re in the area in October, don’t miss out.

November 2015

Tijuana Taxi Co Car Show

(Every Sunday; Coral Springs)

Although we don’t typically list events that happen more than once a year, since we found a lot of car shows in November, we thought we’d put it here. Held Every Sunday, a car show takes place for all kinds of makes and models, from the classics to the custom hot rods. Because this happens every Sunday, it’s a great way for car enthusiasts to get together and bond a bit over the calming hum of an engine.

Open Car and Truck Show

(November 7th, 2015; Pompano Beach)

Presented by Car Show Jean, this open car show is set up in a great location. Set up at the Pompano Citi Centre, you can make a day out of this event, with the cars in the afternoon, and then an early dinner and shopping later. It seems like the theme is for the classics, being set as a Veteran themed show, with an Oldies DJ bringing back some favorite beats. Be sure to grab a picture of you in your favorite car, if the owner is open to it.

Delray Beach Wine and Seafood Festival

(November 7th – 8th, 2015)

Ready to get into a food festival for free? The Delray Beach Wine and Seafood Festival is all about getting people in for free, what with over 150 exhibitors sporting everything from seafood specialties to merchandise. Plus, if you’re looking to do a little more than hurt your hunger, there will be food and wine pairing seminars if you’d like to throw your own fancy dinner party. If you come with your sweetie, you can dance to live music and stroll Atlantic Avenue before the night is over.

11th Annual Classic Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Show

(November 8th, 2015; North Palm Beach)

Calling all motor-heads! Whether you like cars, trucks, or motorcycles, this show is the one for you. Being held at the Dreams Museum in North Palm Beach, it’s a great way to plan a fun-filled day. If you enter the show, you get 2 museum passes, and the first 200 people to pre-register get an event t-shirt.

Palm Beach Martial Arts Expo

(November 14th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

For the 2nd year in a row, this Martial Arts Expo returns to Palm Beach, and at the moment, it’s considered to be one of the most important in the world. A tournament will also be held during the expo, where more than $15,000 in prizes will be awarded to the winners in over 200 categories. Multiple sparring matches will be going on at once in different rings, so if you’re there so see someone, or want to watch a certain category, waltz on over and check out the next fight.

Lagoon Fest

(November 14th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

For a day of family fun, your best bet in November is Lagoon Fest. Surrounded by water, it’s hard to go anywhere in Florida where there isn’t a water-themed event. This festival will be taking place in Lake Worth Lagoon, where many activities will be held. Watch a wildlife presentation, go on a tour, let your kids get involved, and much more. Also, if you need a break or something to eat, the West Palm Beach Green Market is right there, featuring delicious and locally-grown food.

Harvest Fest Car Show

(November 14th, 2015; Boynton Beach)

For three years, this annual car show has been celebrated amongst the Boynton Beach community, and this year makes it the 4th year running. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, plus live music and food. The show is being held at Boynton Beach Mall, and there will be about 100 cars parked to shine.

Ultracon of South Florida

(November 21st – 22nd, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Hey comic book fans, this is the last known convention of the year for all things comic book, anime, and collectibles. Old and vintage collectible items seem to be the spotlight, with GI Joe’s that date back to the 60’s, if you ever saw one of those huge action figurines they used to sell. There are also modern items, but Ultracon is made up of collectors and dealers, so the older a collectible is can sometimes be better. There will also be cosplay contests, media entertainment, workshops, panels, gaming tournaments. You know, the usual awesome stuff at a convention.

December 2015

Palm Beach Jewelry, Antiques, & Design

(December 3rd – 7th, 2015; West Palm Beach)

Ready for the bling? This show brings together over 100 well-known jewelers and artists to do a number of things: showcase, sell, and network. The show represents all categories of jewelry and collections, and has an impressive group of fine art dealers attached to it. If you like some of the finer things, and you’re looking for something to hang up on the wall, you’ll find it here.

Holiday Boat Parade

(December 5th, 2015; Boynton Beach)

Ho ho ho, it’s the holidays! What holiday celebration is complete without some seasonal lights and music? At the Boynton Beach Inlet, there will be plenty of activities for kids and adults to get into the holiday cheer. If it’s just you and friends of the legal age, you can party it up in bistros, bars, and nightclubs. Plus, enjoy the tree-lined streets and brightly decorated boats on the water.

Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade

(December 5th, 2015; from North Palm Beach to Jupiter)

Another Holiday Boat Parade? Oh how do you choose? And this one has a fireworks display! What a way to announce the parade, however, it seems like that’s the main spectacle, so why not make it a two-fer? Start the fun in North Palm Beach and work your way down to Boynton

Palm Beach Food & Wine Fest

(December 10th – 13th, 2015)

Four fays for the foodies, happening in mid-December at Palm Beach. What are the odds that you have one of these going on during the holiday season? It’s a chance to savor dishes cooked and prepared by master chefs, and taste some premium wines. What better way to get into the holiday spirit? It’s all happening at the Four Seasons Resort, and there will even be a Kids Kitchen and late-night entertainment.